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Doyster Capital is a Business Building Company - we develop and help to develop ideas, which can be turned into competitive and successful companies.


  • Ideation, idea testing & feasibility

  • Tactics and strategies for company building   

  • A network of talented co-founders, team members advisory / supervisory board members

  • Access to capital:

    • Direct investment through Doyster Capital

    • Investments syndicates (Angels, VCs, Family Offices, Corporate Venturing)

  • Everything in between that is necessary to build a successful startup



The core of our activities is the B2B sector, with focus on fintech, proptech, healthtech and process improvement. 

Occasionally we divert into other areas and pursue opportunistic opportunities, if they are contrarian and compelling.


We are convinced that success is based on mindset, values and culture.

For all our ventures we apply a simple but effective framework, which helps us to understand the teams we work with and the opportunity they pursue.

We strive to learn how the motives and objectives of the founding teams are connected. This helps us to understand the people and the cultural fit for a long term partnership.


We live in times of drastic and constant change and to us there is no such thing as a “stupid idea”.

Neither do we think that ideas can be “too crazy” to be realized.  

As long as they deliver the opportunity for real long-term value creation – we are happy to pursue it.

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