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Doyster started about five years ago as a platform for ideas and as a small holding

company. Over time we were lucky to come across an increasing amount  

of opportunities we could invest in, or support in business building.


Today we are excited and proud to work with talented founders, visionaries

and thinkers, who work hard to create something new. 

Every one or two years we identify an opportunity and develop a business building ideas on our own. 



Richard has 20 years of experience as digital entrepreneur & business builder. Active in different roles, as manager, founder, investor and board member, he has been developing more than 20 different startups or spin-offs. He was involved in all phases of the startup life cycle: ideation, fundraising, building, scaling, IPO and exit. He has experience in the mobile-, software-, media-, data- and lifestyle-industry.


Richard loves and collects books and is a convinced value investor. He likes cross-fit, swimming and skiing.

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Jens started his career in a corporate setup with KPMG and later in different senior roles at Arvato / Bertelsmann SE. During the last 10 years Jens was busy as an independent consultant in large corporate turnarounds, product development and digital transformation projects. His experience as business angel, investor and business builder in a number of startups in the digital space have proven invaluable. Jens has a strong scientific, data and number driven approach to value creation and venture building.


Jens, when he is not spending time with his family, is a passionate diver and mountain biker, an excellent chef and he likes a challenging game of chess every now and then.

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