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At some point in our lives we realized that building companies is our “thing”.

We are convinced that ambitious startups can tackle many of today´s pressing issues:

  • Addressing and solving urgent problems, from sustainability to equal opportunity

  • Create jobs and long-term value for future generations

  • Discover and leverage hidden talents to create something new

  • Deliver new perspectives and  problem solving approaches


We decided to make Company-Building our purpose. We feel there is a lot we can bring to the table to identify or generate ideas, attract and develop talent, provide a path for growth and success.


We believe in a few simple values, which are the common denominator for all our ventures:


  • Long term value creation

  • Team approach over ego trips

  • Skin in the game

  • Result driven entrepreneurship

  • Second level thinking

  • Fairness and shared success

  • Resilience and endurance

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